Guests aboard Mamo

Whenever we visit nice places we are always thinking of how special it would be to share them with friends and family, so we are really glad you have decided to join us. Since we are on a sailboat and depend 100% on the weather, sticking to a schedule is hard if not impossible. We will do our best to meet up but cannot guarantee dates or times. If you have the ability to book last minute or wait for us somewhere it will be a huge help. 

As far as packing goes, light is the way to go. If in doubt don’t bring it. We will be sharing a small space – all of us plus all our stuff! Use a soft foldable bag (we will not be able to stow away a big one with wheels). Bring clothes for tropical weather and maybe one light sweater or windbreaker in case it gets breezy. You won’t wear any shoes at all while on board (maybe just flip flops or simple sneakers when inland). Sun protection should be the first thing in your bag! If you have space, a towel and linen would be awesome but no biggie if you can’t as we have extra for guests. 

We will probably ask you to bring stuff for us that’s hard to get down here – sorry! But in case you are wondering, bring your music (that can work offline) –  that’s always refreshing as we get tired of our own collection, snacks and mixers for alcohol are always scarce, and so is alcohol. If you need to charge anything make sure you have a 12-volt charger, we have several for cameras, iPhones, etc. but let’s double check to see if we have yours. 

If you have tried stuff in the past that works for motion sickness please bring it. You might not need it and we also have some stuff, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Finally water conservation is a huge task on-board; we wash everything, including ourselves with salt water, and then a quick rinse with fresh water. 

We are really looking forward to sharing our life afloat with you. Can’t wait to see you 🙂