The Crew

Paulo, Paula & Zoe



We are a party of three cruising aboard sailing vessel (s/v) Mamo. We are by no means experts but keep learning new things everyday. The only thing we know for sure is that we want to travel and experience new adventures. That’s why after taking our one year sabbatical (OYA) in 2010 we knew we wouldn’t be staying in the same place for very long. We wanted to figure out a way to see the world. We might not be seeing the entire world aboard Mamo, but for us this is a great start; an open ended journey that started from our backyard.


Upon returning to Miami from our OYA, Paulo purchased his first sailboat, s/v Felucca a 22′ Cape Dory. With her, lots of reading and videos he self taught himself most of the sailing he knows. Paula was around mostly as a guest during this time. In 2013 Zoe was born and since then we’ve been planning and getting our ducks straight in a row to sail away. Around summer of 2014 we started looking at boats never imagining it would take us such a long time to find ours. But 48 boats later, and lots of road trips around Florida we found her.


We moved aboard Mamo in the end of March 2016 and untied dock lines from our Fort Lauderdale slip heading south-east to the Caribbean. Follow our journey as this crew sails and lives aboard her.


UPDATE: Mamo has sold and is now sailing to Colombia with his new owner. We are back in land, living in Miami. Feel free to contact us if you are planning an adventure like ours or if you ever need a sailboat captain.

Contact us

Paulo: Email:, Skype: paulopintoq
Paula: Email:, Skype: paulauribelopez
Zoe: Zoe has no email or Skype but we will pass along any messages (including love notes!)